This Is the Popular Fitness Tracker That Helped Improve My Sleep and Workouts


My love of technology is heavily influenced by my dad. He always had some new gadget — from DJ equipment to PalmPilots (remember those?!) — lying around the house and naturally, I became a tech geek.

Being a collegiate athlete exposed me to top-notch technology, equipment, and recovery tools to take care of my body, recover from injuries, and improve my athletic performance. I no longer spend 10 months out of the year training and competing nonstop, but I’m still very active and train similar to how I did during my collegiate track and field years.

Although my workout program isn’t as intense and demanding as it was in college, I still put a lot of strain on my body. This is where the Whoop 3.0 performance tracker ($30 a month with a six month commitment) comes into play.

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