This Injection Is The Latest Development In Weight-Loss Surgery

Weight Loss

The team also recruited 21 patients who had undergone bariatric surgery and 22 patients who followed a very low-calorie diet to compare the results of the GOP solution.

The promising results

The study concluded that the patients on the GOP treatment lost on average 4.4kg, compared with 2.5kg for participants receiving the placebo, and they experienced no side effects. The GOP patients also showed substantial improvements to their blood glucose, with some patients’ levels reduced to near-normal levels.

However, patients who had received bariatric surgery or who followed a very low-calorie diet lost significantly more weight, 10.3kg for bariatric patients and 8.3kg for patients on the diet.

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“Although the weight loss was smaller, using the GOP infusion would be preferable as it has fewer side effects than bariatric surgery,” said lead author Professor Tricia Tan.

“This result shows that it is possible to obtain some of the benefits of a gastric bypass operation without undergoing the surgery itself. If further trials are successful, in future we could potentially give this type of treatment to many more patients.”

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