Alison Brie’s “New Fave” Glute Exercise Looks Intense As Hell, But She Kills It


Don’t mess with Alison Brie when she steps into the gym — her moves are intense AF. The 36-year-old actress trains hard for her role as a wrestler on Netflix’s Glow, and she’s consistently impressing us with her serious strength. On Saturday, Alison once again showed off her skills with a move she’d never tried before, and it quickly became a “new fav.”

Alison trains with Jason Walsh of the Rise Movement, who also trains celebrities like Brie Larson and Emily Blunt. During their weekend sweat session, Alison tried out an impressive weighted reverse lunge, using a landmine press. According to Alison, the move targets her glutes, and boy, you’ll get exhausted just watching her. Take a peek at the exercise above and feel your muscles tighten up — it’s an unavoidable, automatic response.

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