Seven Healthy Weight-Loss Diets That Actually Work

Weight Loss Meals
Seven Healthy Weight-Loss Diets That Actually Work. Here are seven diets to help you lose those pounds in a healthy way.

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1. The Mediterranean Diet – 01:07
2. The Volumetrics Diet – 02:07
3. The DASH Diet – 03:35
4. The Keto Diet – 04:43
5. The Paleo Diet – 05:59
6. The Vegan Diet – 07:14
7. Low Carb Diets – 08:26


1. The Mediterranean Diet
It includes filling up on vegetables, fruits, 100% whole grains, and lean protein from seafood and eggs. The best part – you can enjoy your dessert and wine!

2. The Volumetrics Diet
ll food is divided into four groups. The idea is to eat mostly from groups one and two, keep portion sizes small for foods in group three, and minimize choices of foods from group four.

Group 1: Non-starchy fruits and vegetables, non-fat milk, and soup (broth-based).
Group 2: Starchy fruits and vegetables, grains, breakfast cereal, low-fat meat, legumes, low-fat dishes like chili and spaghetti.
Group 3: Meat, cheese, pizza, fries, salad dressing, bread, and cake.
Group 4: Crackers, chips, chocolate, cookies, nuts, butter, and oil.

3. The DASH Diet
It emphasizes portion control with good servings of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein that provide the right amount of nutrients.

4. The Keto Diet
The goal is to send your body into ketosis. According to Medical News Today, Ketosis is a state in which the body is forced to break down fat instead of glucose to produce energy.

5. The Paleo Diet
this diet discourages eating anything processed as well as anything that contains an unnatural amount of sugar. Instead it encourages one to focus on whole foods, fruits, nuts, seeds, things you would find in a foraging type of environment.

6. The Vegan Diet
Vegan diets are completely plant based, so the challenge is balancing your diet so you still get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

7. Low Carb Diet
You reduce your carb intake, and force your body to use the stored fats as energy instead of the regular card you’d normally be ingesting.

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